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Thank you Connie, TLC and all the other members for a fantastic group


Team 2 Members: Angel (Captain), Lady Cyr~, T_Storm, Glynis

Thank you to my team, you all did a wonderful job.

Winter's Dream Challenge

Winter Scene

What you need:

PaintShopPro, Cloud Mask Zip with the Mask, Image and Gold Pattern Fill

Unzip Mask to PSP Mask folder and the Image and Gold Pattern Fill to folder of your choice.


Open Broken_Silence Image in PSP.  Go to Image, Resize 80%, making sure Maintain Aspect Ratio is checked.

Press Shift, D twice to get two images, close the original and minimize Image 2. 

Add a new layer, set your foreground color to white and using your airbrush tool lightly spray with these settings:

Minimize Image 1 and activate Image 2.  Go to Masks, Load from Disk and select Cloud.msk.  Masks/Delete.

(When asked if you want to merge layers, click yes).  You should have this effect now, except your will be

more translucent.

Make sure Image 2 is still your active image, Edit, Copy, activate Image 1, Edit, Paste as a New Layer.

This is the effects as Lady Cyr~ created them :))


Selections, Select All, Modify, Contract by 20.  Selections, Invert.  Effects, Reflections Effects, Pattern,

then Effects, 3D Effects Inner Bevel:

Selections, Invert.  Effects, 3D effects, Drop Shadow.  Color: #000000, Vertical and Horizontal -2,

Opacity 80, Blur 20.  Repeat changing Vertical and Horizontal to 2.

This is the effects as T_Storm created them :))


Open the Gold Fill pattern and minimize.  Click on your Floodfill tool and set your foreground color to #C1AB85 and

your background color to #354862.  Layers, Merge All, Flatten.  Images add borders, Symmetric, 15.

Take your magic wand, tolerance and feather 0 and select the border.

Effects, Artistic Effects, Brush Strokes with these settings:

Selections, Select None.  Images, Add Borders, 3.  Select it with your Magic Wand.  Change your foreground color

to pattern and select the gold fill pattern, Scale 15%, Angle 90.  Floodfill your border. Then go to Effects, 3D

Effects, Inner Bevel settings shown, then apply a Drop Shadow with Color #334760, Vertical 3, Horizontal 0, Opacity 77, blur 11.8                           

Selections, Select None.  Images, Add Borders, 9.  Select your border, change your foreground color back to

color, floodfill.  Add the same Brushstrokes as above.

This is the effects as Glynis created them  :))


Continuing with the image you have open, Image, Resize 75%.  Effects, Sharpen, Unsharp Mask Radius 1.68, Strength 48, Clipping 3.  Shift D to duplicate and minimize the original.  On your Duplicate image, Effects, Reflection Effects, Pattern as shown:

Layers, New Raster Layer.  Floodfill with the light brown color.  In your layer palette lower the opacity for

this layer to 86.  Layers, Merge All, Flatten.  then Effects, Artistic Effects, Brushstrokes with these settings:

Go to file, new, width 1024, height 256, resolution 72,000, transparent.  Select your floodfill tool and change

your foreground color to pattern.  In the pattern selection box, select the image we were just working on and

floodfill your new image.  Effects, Texture Effects, Fine Leather, Small Cracks, default settings. 

New Raster Layer.  Activate the image we minimized earlier, Edit, Copy, activate your 1024 image, Edit, Paste

as a New Selection.  Move into position on the left side.  Deselect.  Select your Draw tool, line width 4, antialias

checked, any color but light brown and draw a line down the edge of your image.  Select it with your magic wand

and go to Effects, Texture Effects, Sculpture and choose the Gold preset.  Effects. 3D Effects, Inner Bevel:

Add a Drop Shadow Color #000000, Vertical 2, Horizontal 0, Opacity 77, Blur 6.8.  Layers, Merge All, Flatten.

Save your image as a .jpg.


I would like to thank my team members for their wonderful work.


Team Spirit Tutorials

December, 2001

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Notice - Please visit my new sites, Heart and Hands Quilting; H&H Computers and Craft and Sell (opening end of August) the perfect place to sell your tutorials and crafts!


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